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Incepted in 2005 CAREERLINE TRAVEL CONSULTANT has trod the most innovative and strategic path in making human resource more customized to the needs of various industries. Nevertheless, focusing also on the career prospects of candidates. The company's core expertise in manpower consultancy is powered by the following cutting-edge advantages:

  • Proactive & ethical approach.
  • Identification with and understanding the needs of each industry.
  • Commitment in provision of manpower in specific time frame.
  • Quick and dynamic execution of cumbersome formalities.
  • Transparency in operations and professional code of conduct.
  • Ensured quality, confidentially and client loyalty.
  • A dynamic team of qualified and experienced experts with senior consultants from diverse fields of various industries.
  • Extensive reach with an exhaustive, nationwide database of qualified candidates.
  • Competitively cost effective.


At CAREERLINE TRAVEL CONSULTANT, a team is not just to bolster the spirit of teamwork, but to be collectively individual. To put it broadly, though the spirit of teamwork is immensely high, the emphasis is on each team member's core expertise, opinion and individuality. These three aspects are prioritized in the course of any unanimous decision that is taken in favour of any recruitment mission.

We enjoys the company of highly qualified and vastly experienced personnel, who form a part of the core team. The high caliber of its team members, coupled with an extremely competitive work culture, makes up for the reputation and recognition that the company has earned over the years.

ALAVI KUTTY .U - +91-9869411220
HAMZA KOYA. E - +91-9869411220
SHIJU KALLOOR - +91- 9869411240 / +91- 9619191240

We CAREERLINE TRAVEL CONSULTANT is one of the leading recruiting companies, renowned for providing recruitment and placement in almost all prominent fields, and throughout the world. We have extensive rapport with thousands of renowned industries, companies, and organizations of diverse fields, throughout the world.

We settle the selected candidates on the basis of his / her caliber, expertise, and experience, and also on choice abroad. We are well-equipped and adequately experienced to offer facilities of visa, passport, and sophisticated information and elegant counsel about any subject and field regarding the recruitment and settlement, anywhere abroad. Our paramount and cherished objective is to make the recruitment and placement easy, fast, impeccable, and cost-effective, helping both the employees and employers.

As a truly independent consultancy We have been committed to providing both clients and candidates with an unrivalled level of service.

We also validate every candidate and every requirement through a rigorous documentation process that ensures that we only work with quality requirements and quality candidates ensuring that all clients involved in the process are working towards the same conclusion.

All of our staff are committed to providing a comprehensive, effective and personal recruitment service and are able to cope with every recruitment need. They are carefully trained to efficiently handle all aspects of manpower mobilization, screening, and documentation.

We try our very best to provide candidates with the most suitable position in their respective fields.


We have a full-fledged department for visa procurement. We take care of doing the cumbersome work of visa processing the application at your request. All you have to do is to contact us and provide us the necessary documents and we will process your documents as needed.

Careerline not only provides its client with professional visa assistance and visa services but also renders valuable & comprehensive services related to travel within India and abroad with qualified & total professional staff to serve the travel industry.

We understand that every country has a different process, fees structures and requirements for Indians to travel abroad. We also understand your needs and work towards getting your visa as soon as possible.

Documents required for Saudi Arabia Visa Processing:

  • Saudi Employment visa (New Delhi/Mumbai)
  • Copy of Online Power of Attorney in the name of CAREERLINE TRAVEL CONSULTANT Licence No. 4759/MUM/PER/1000/05/7145/2005), it is Called wakkala.
  • Receipt of the visa fee paid, it is called visa slip
  • C.R.Copy of the company/shop and ID copy of sponsor if it is Group visa

For getting Emigration the following things are required from Sponsor or Companies at abroad

01. Demand letter attested by MEA and chamber of commerce of concern countries as well as Indian Embassies at that places.

02. Power of attorney from Sponsor/Company attested by MEA and chamber of commerce of concern countries as well as Indian Embassies at those places.

03. Work Agreement (Specimen) attested by MEA and chamber of commerce of concern countries as well as Indian Embassies at those places.